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    From the beginning of the existence of humanity, humans have used imagery to express the complexity of the soul, which cannot be expressed in words

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    Be smart and help yourself now

    From the existence of mankind, humans used visualization to express the complexities of the soul, which we cannot describe in words.


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״Everybody has a picture״

Sometimes the mind longs for tangible expression and does not know how to make it. Sometimes this expression wants to be expressed with the help of silhouettes and images that express who we are without the need for words.


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Yuval Wultz, a clinical psychologist has been studying the human soul for many years.Recently he decided to enlargen his tool box with Photo-Psyche.
His own picture "A Morning walk" describe his last years.


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In photo-psyche, we create such a connection.
First, we get to know the client in an in-depth interview and then understand where in the world they feel or would like to feel a sense of belonging
Then our team embarks on a journey of photography based on the client's inner world, with at the end of the process, the work is selected that expresses what the mind cannot always say.


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Find your best picture

Our soul contains many layers, each one deeper than its former one.
Every layer and fantasy unexposed affects us in various ways we are unaware of.
Together we will touch the unconscious layers, which can not be spoken of or at, using the art of photography.
Pick the land of fantasies where you would like to journey, and we will find it together.


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